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The Studio

Welcome to Mesa Studio!

You may be curious where I got the name from? Well, I love Arizona (game plan is to enjoy my retirement winters down there... *manifesting*).
But when I looked up the word Mesa, in spanish it means "Table". 
 When I think about the table in a home, it's the place where we gather to have a good conversation and enjoy a beverage or meal.
To me, that's also a salon in a community... a place to gather, relax, have a good conversation with a cup of coffee.
It just felt fitting to me!

I designed Mesa Studio to be a cozy, inviting and relaxing space. But also to bring a modern, high quality, city like salon, to a rural area! I believe our small towns deserve to have just as high end services and businesses, without having to make the long drive into a city. 
I believe in having a 1 on 1 experience, where my time and attention is focused solely on you. No yelling over blow dryers, or feeling that people are trying to over hear your conversations.


My mission everyday behind the chair is to do my absolute best to make you look and feel as beautiful as you truly are! I make sure to compliment every person who sits with me, because I know that just one compliment can turn someone's day around.  Just seeing that little extra boost of confidence helps me see that I did my job right.

I treat each client like a long time friend and my chair as a safe space to have those real and deep conversations. I want each person to feel heard and understood, to see their own worth and value! I see the beauty in you and I want you to see it too.



So if this sounds like your kinda vibe, then head to my online booking and find yourself a time to come hangout and get pampered with me!

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